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Order Hymenoptera (‘membrane-winged'):

The common species that invades houses is the Black Garden Ant.
All ants have the main divisions of the body (head, thorax, abdomen) distinctly separated by very narrow waists and have a sharp elbow joint in their antennae. They are highly organised social insects. It is the foraging worker ants that invade buildings in search of food. These are from 3 to 5mm in length and are attracted to sweet foodstuffs which they take back to the nest to feed to the larvae and queen.
flying ants are the reproductive males and females. These mating ants are winged and have a nuptial swarming flight during only a few days in July or August. Mating takes place in the air and the female then seeks out a nest site where she stays for the winter, laying eggs till the following spring in order to start up a new colony.
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a) Hygiene/management
Although frequently inaccessible and difficult to destroy, ants' nests must be eradicated if infestations are to be successfully controlled. The ants' nests of Black ants can be located by following their trails.Potential food sources should be identified and protected from attack.
b) Insecticidal control
Insecticide treatments will be applied in and around the nest and a residual film of insecticide is maintained at strategic points, for example points of entry to buildings, such as doors,windows, ventilators, ducts and drains , wall/floor junctions, ant runs and all other harbourages.
DPD Services eliminates Ants nests, flying ants and offers a pest prevention service available 365 days per annum, reducing the risk of internal infestations.
For all your pest control
, problems call our advice line for an immediate quotation & solution or or e-mail info@dpdservices.co.uk



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